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Connectwise Manage - Ticket lookup using summary field (is the search using contains... or exactly)

  • 4 August 2020
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I have a ticket created on a service board where I need to update the ticket based on a zap.  Initially I search for a ticket because I don’t know the ticket number.  The only real way for me to search for the ticket is through a unique 4 character string that gets created and put into the summary when I run my other zap that creates the ticket.  so my summary looks like this”

“You have a new interaction from john smith - 1e3t”

Before I can run the zap that updates the notes in the ticket, I have to  find the ticket number.  I try to perform a lookup using the  Summary field and then using the 1e3t unique number identifier.  The zap fails to complete the lookup saying there was no data found.  If I change the summary to just show 1e3t and nothing else the zap finds the ticket.  

I really don't want a ticket with a summary of “1e3t” because that does say anything, so I am wondering if there is a way to specify in the summary lookup either a wildcard or a “contains..” it seems to be setup to do an exact match.

NOTE: the reason i cant do a lookup by first, last, or email is because there are likely more than one ticket from the same person and I need to make sure I am updating the correct ticket.

thanks for any help in advance!



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Hey! Is there no way for you to find a ticket by a ticket number/unique identifier field? 

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Thanks Andy for the reply.


Im trying to find the ticket number so I can perform an update ticket step. Without the ticket number all I have to go on is the unique identifier. I’m using the unique ID to lookup the ticket and then use the ticket number to update the ticket.

I did figure out that it is an exact search or at least that appears to be how it works.


if I search for “1e3t” and that is all that’s in the summary field, it locates the record. If I add even a single extra character it won’t find the record. I tried putting in a longer string of characters “received message for new ticket 1e3t”. As long as I search for that exact string it locates the record. 

this is not optimal because I wanted the summary to contain useful information like “received message for ticket from John Doe at Ford Motors 1e3t”

but I’ll take what I can get.