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Connecting with Kaizala's webhooks

  • 26 February 2020
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Hello friends,

I've been trying to setup Kaizala's webhook with Zapier. The problem that I've got is that in order to subscribe an URL, the webhook sends (POST) and expects to receive (GET) a token, and I have not been able to do that double function on my Zap. I've been trying that by using Catch Raw Hook and Catch Hook functions.

The response I get on Kaizala's side is this:

{  "message": "Callback URL couldn't be validated. Validation Token in response does not match. Expected = 3482368, received = {\"request_id\": \"5e56d785-bd0c-443f-b2d3-74665f5e9aXX\", \"id\": \"0de1df38-73bc-4925-9c3c-9d18b5cb8fXX\", \"status\": \"success\", \"attempt\": \"5e56d785-bd0c-443f-b2d3-74665f5e9aXX\"}",  "errorCode": "InvalidParameters",   "errorCategoryKey": "InvalidParametersException"}

Any suggestions??



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Hi @Linderman

The reference to a "Callback URL" makes me thing you're trying to use the OAuth authentication method? If so, that's not supported with webhook calls.

You can try creating a custom integration in the Zapier platform:

I'm also tagging @ikbelkirasan as he knows more on this.

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Hi @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu and @Linderman

Unfortunately, even in a hook trigger in a custom Zapier app, it's not possible to handle the GET request that Kaizala sends for the verification, because Zapier responds immediately to any requests to the webhook URL that was generated the same way as the built-in webhooks.