Connecting TicketSpice to Quickbooks

  • 3 September 2022
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I am trying to connect TicketSpice sales  to Quickbooks Online in the hopes it will be easier to get the revenue into QBO. I have the following questions:

  1. I have most of the zap set up I think. I chose to have an order trigger a sales receipt. Is that the best option?
  2. I cannot find the field to populate “Line Amount” in the Actions. All I can find is the TOTAL of the whole order. Is this because I chose Order as the trigger or some other reason?
  3. How do the TicketSpice fees get dealt with? From what I see so far 100% of the sale is sent to Sales Receipt but we only receive the sales amount minus TicketSpice fees.


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1 reply

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Hi there, @Faulkner's Ranch! Great question and thanks for raising this in the Community!

Do you mind outlining your desired workflow for us? Sometimes it helps to phrase it in the form of:

"When this happens in TicketSpice, do that in QBO."

Also if you don’t mind sharing your current zap setup that might be helpful as well. For example:

  1. TicketSpice Trigger - “New Order”
  2. QBO Action - “xxx”

I did some initial digging and it looks like TicketSpice should support line items? So depending on your QBO action step it’s possible the custom fields aren’t supported there but happy to double check!

Once we have your desired workflow though we can get a better idea where to go from here. 🤗

Looking forward to digging into this with you!