Connecting squarespace to zapier/ zapier flow from squarespace to mailerlite or viceversa

  • 27 March 2020
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  I hope this email finds you well. I have a squarespace commerce account.

These are the current problem plus need some help to be able to connect zapier. I connected zapier and since last week the Newsletter section block from squaresapce says: 

Problem 1:



Awaiting Connection to Zapier (Squarespace current status)


Problem 2:


Giving away ‘Freebies” or subscriptions.

I don’t know what to add first in the zapier flow. What is going first? Squarespace or MailerLite.


Problem 3:

I when I tested zapier is showing an example from squarespace like this.


Find Data


Here is a sample 

from your  Squarespace LatinxGal account.

 Pick 1 to set up your zap. Learn more about samples.

Form APulled in 1 hr ago


57ea9e81e1e180ef6aa829c4dd2b50e91192cc88 John

74477fec5caadb04b8ff2c9faecddaacc4130e91 John Smith

fa5702e551e7d785f2f2170f405e45b878ccb014 Smith



Free Editing Guide


Problem 4:


I get an email from squaresapce to “Please confirm your subscription “ I confirmed my subscription, but I don’t see my Freebie from MailierLite after confirming my subscription on my email.


That’s it for now. Please, help.


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4 replies

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Hi @latinxgal ,

Thanks for reaching out!

I suggest beginning with these two articles on how to connect your Squarespace and Mailerlite accounts.  This article is also a great place to begin building your Zap as it lists the Triggers and Actions for both of these apps.

After reviewing those, let us know if you are still running into any issues or if we can help you with your desired workflow! Happy to help!

Hi Liz, 


I connected everything correctly. But, when I created a Zap is asking me for an email. How I can send an automate email when some filled a form my squarespace account if the zap is connected the with another email? I still don’t get what I am doing wrong. Please, help. Thank you.

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Hi @latinxgal ,

So sorry you are still running into trouble with this Zap! I see you have submitted a Support ticket for this issue- once resolved I will circle back to update this thread.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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Hey @latinxgal - just wanted to close the loop on this one! It looks like after a bit of back and forth, you were able to get your MailerLite action set up correctly and emails are being delivered - great! If you have any other questions, feel free to reply to the support email thread you have open with us or start a new thread here in our Community. Thanks!