Connecting Microsoft Excel to an Existing Google Sheet on a recurring basis

  • 13 October 2023
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I have a situation where one person wants to work in the old-school way of saving a new excel file with a date to show updates to a contact report. But the other person wants to work off of a Google Sheet where the “last contact” “status” “notes” would need to be updated. And also if new contacts got added to the rows that would need to reflect on the Google Sheet. 


Is this possible to make happen? 


I’m thinking an email with attachment trigger that’s filtered by keywords in the report and client name → add to DropBox folder → update rows in Google Sheets + search for row match, if none, create new row


But that feels clunky, anyone have a better solution? 

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2 replies

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Great question, @MaggeA!  

Hmm, is the email attachment the renamed Excel file that one person updates? Or is it a different file that you need to extract certain data from and update both the Excel and Google Sheets file with?

And can you tell us a bit more about what type of updates are being recorded? Are you recording emails sent to contacts, or calls perhaps? Wondering if you could instead trigger a Zap on the contact being sending an email/or a call being completed for example and then have the Zap update the relevant Excel/Google Sheet files accordingly. 

With a bit more context us folks in the Community here will be better able to make some suggestions on the best approach. Looking forward to hearing from you on this!

Hey there!

I totally get the challenge you're facing with the different preferences on tracking contact updates. It sounds like you have one person who's more comfortable with the traditional method of saving Excel files with date stamps for contact reports, while the other is leaning towards the collaborative and dynamic approach of using a Google Sheet.

To bridge the gap between these two preferences, one option you might explore is setting up a recurring data sync between the Excel files and the Google Sheet. This way, the person who prefers working in Excel can continue saving new files locally, and those updates can be automatically reflected in the shared Google Sheet. Similarly, any new contacts added to the Excel file would seamlessly update on the Google Sheet.

Considering the recurring nature of this sync, you could use tools like Google Apps Script or Microsoft Power Automate to automate the process. This way, both individuals can work in their preferred environments, and the data stays synchronized without manual intervention.

On a somewhat related note, ensuring a smooth connection between different platforms can be likened to the way Minecraft PE download links facilitate seamless access to the game across various devices. Just as these download links streamline the gaming experience, setting up an automated data sync could make collaboration between Excel and Google Sheets feel equally smooth for your team.

Let me know if you'd like more detailed steps or if there's anything else I can help with!