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Connected Anydo and PomoDoneApp

  • 18 September 2020
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I am trying to connect Anydo and PomoDoneApp, and I’m having some trouble with 404 errors and then supposedly successful tests that don’t actually do anything. I have been able to create a task in Anydo and then automatically create a task in PomoDoneApp, but updating the Anydo task just doesn’t want to happen. When I finish a task, switching it to “Done,” in PomoDoneApp, I want the task with the same name in AnyDo to be marked as “Done.” Even when I include the search function -- finding the Anydo Task with the same name as the PomoDoneApp Task, which seems unnecessary -- it won’t go through, usually with 404 errors. Sometimes Zapier will say that the zap is successful when I test it, but the Anydo Task isn’t ever updated. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Hi @gideonse ,

Thanks for reaching out- sorry you’re hitting these 404s. It sounds like Support may need to take a look at your configuration here to troubleshoot or see if you are perhaps running into a bug. They can be reached here and will be happy to assist!

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I’m pretty sure it won’t be fixable without two steps, so I’d have to pay $25 a month to do it. I’m honestly astonished that Zapier has decided to tell it’s non-corporate users to go to h-ll by making the free service pretty useless and the paid wildly over-priced for individual users.