connect zap to webflow cms (reference field)

  • 2 April 2020
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Help. I am zapping content into webflow from feedly with no problem. However, the “category” field is a dropdown reference to another CMS. Has anyone found a work-around to zapping in fields that are references? 


Rumor is that it can be done a tiny bit of JavaScript and a webhook but haven’t actually seen this in the wild. 

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3 replies

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Hi there!

Just to make sure I’m understanding, are you trying to map categories in Feedly to the ones in Webflow. So something like Technology in Feedly (which might even come through as an ID like 34dfge567a) you’d want to add it to the Technology category in Webflow? Is that right?

It looks like the category field in Webflow is a blank, and not even a dropdown where you can select options (and also see their IDs). If I haven’t gotten your workflow right, would you mind elaborating on it for me? Thanks!

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Hi @Nocodedevs!

Since this was a little while ago, I wanted to check in to see if you’d managed to solve this or whether you still needed help here. Please let us know!

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I solved it, thanks