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connect bubble and

hello, I would like to connect bubble to removebg thanks to zapier but in zapier I have this message return: "We're having trouble loading 'Zap ID' data (The app returned" Unauthorized ".)" if you can me ' help I thank you.


Best answer by nicksimard 19 May 2021, 03:08

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Hi @chrislacraft 

What app is returning this error?

Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support here:

I want to connect remove.g to bubble but when connecting zapper tells me that bubble returns this error.

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@chrislacraft is still a BETA app which means there could be some kinks.

Neither app has Help articles for their Zap apps on their Zap app profile pages, so documented issues is limited.

Did you try this already?

Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support here:

I want to be able to send image.png data from bubble to zapier. during the connection on zapier, in Image File I put this: Img // / appforest_uf / f1621037570997x691853437018732200 / IMG_0155.JPG
which is my image variable present in bubble, but at text time I got this error: Request failed: 400 / {"errors": [{"title": "Invalid file type", "code": "invalid_file_type" , "detail": "Is the given file an image?"}]}
however the variable is of the type image I do not understand.
i tried to send the same bubble variable to dropbox and i realized that in dropbox image arrives but as a .txt file with image links inside. need help please

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The good news is that I was able to use this:

Img // / appforest_uf / f1621037570997x691853437018732200 / IMG_0155.JPG

to get this:

You could use some code to convert that URL, but that’s beyond my expertise. The workaround I can recommend is to use Formatter by Zapier with the Replace function:

  1. Replace Img //  with https:// in one Formatter step
  2. Map the output from the above step into this one, then Replace [:space:]/[:space:] with / in another Formatter step

It’s not ideal to use a workaround, but at least it’s possible :) Another option, if you wanted to reduce one step could be to look into whether Goggle Sheets can do something, maybe with the Substitute function.