Condensing triggers or Zap results to running once a week?

  • 4 November 2021
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I have several transactional-style zaps. Trigger on some event, send an email with more info to the appropriate person, etc. 

What I’m looking for is where can I learn more about ways to condense these? For some of my end users, they might only trigger these transactional zaps every so often. Maybe even rarely. For others, they might trigger it 5 times a week.

How can I sort of condense them, or limit them. I’m basically looking for a way to tell a zap “if you’ve sent to this user recently, hold off on this one” or what would be even better would be how could i get the zap to sort of add the results together, and then release whatever is added together, per use, at the end of a week, or every third day, or something? So User A might get one email, as above, but user B would get one email with 5 things in it.

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1 reply

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Hi @kevinhtre 

Check out Digest by Zapier: