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Cloud Print a Doc

  • 10 January 2020
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I setup a flow that creates a new Google Doc from a Template and saves it in a specific folder. Am I able to create a flow, after the new doc is created, that will print the newly created document?

(The document name changes every time a new one is created.)


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3 replies

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@ApexDestroyer Welcome to the community, and yes you should be able to do this.

You have two options for this, 1 is simply add a google cloud print step as the last step of that Zap and use the output of the saving of the template (grab the document URL and send it to the GCP step)

Option 2 is to create a new zap with Google Drive "New File" as the trigger which watches a specific folder and anytime a file is created in that folder it triggers the zap. The action step in that zap would be google cloud print, and again simply grab the output of the trigger step which will contain a URL for the doc which you can pass to google cloud print

Hint, if you want Google Drive to provide GCP with a PDF you can use this URL hack which is basically just using the document ID and entering the url like so:{{doc ID from previous step}}/export?format=pdf

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Thank you! I actually just added a new flow to print any new documents inside a folder and i was coming back here to answer my own question.

Thanks again for the insight and the quick feedback!

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FYI - I’m pretty sure someone mentioned here before that Google Cloud Print is going away soon.