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Clio to Trello Task Automation

  • 9 February 2021
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My law firm uses Clio as our Practice Management System, and I am trying to create a Zap that will automatically create a card in Trello’s “To Do” List any time a Task is created in Clio.


I have managed to get everything to work BUT the assigning of the task to the appropriate Team member in Trello.  For example, if a Task in Clio is assigned to John Smith, I need the member to be added to the Card when it gets created in Trello.  It seems as though I can program ALL tasks to be assigned to John Smith when the card is created in Trello, but that doesn’t do me much good if the Task was assigned to Jane Doe in Clio originally.


If anyone who is using both Clio and Trello figured out how to make this work, I would love to know what I’m doing wrong.


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4 replies

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Hi @jrazumich 

Options to try...

  1. Add Zap per Person with a Filter step:
  2. Use Paths in a Zap:
  3. Use a Formatter > Utiliites > Lookup Table:
  4. Use a GSheet as a lookup table, then use the GSheet Lookup Row action step.
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Troy has got it! You will need to use the lookup table or Google Sheets to match the assigned user from the Clio task to the user ID in Trello. You can then dynamically pass the matched ID into the card when creating it. 


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Awesome, thanks guys!  I’ll take a look at making that work, now!

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Perfect!  It works exactly like I needed it to.


Thanks, guys!