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  • 20 January 2022
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I am struggling to get all the information I want over in my zaps. I have 3 different zaps I am trying to create between clio and MONDAY. 

First one: When new client is added in CLIO, create a new item in MONDAY.  I can do this and add name and client ID, but I am also wanting the assigned attorney and matter type to come over. That data is in clio, but I do not see it as an option to sync over into MONDAY when I try to create a new client or matter.

Second zap: I would like updates in MONDAY (written in the updated section) to be moved back into clio communications. When I try to make this zap it gives me columns to choose from, but “updates” in MONDAY is not a column.

Third zap: I would like payment information from clio to update in MONDAY; when a payment is received it updates on a ledger board in MONDAY.

I am open to hiring someone to help me with these, I am not sure in hiring the pros who would be able to help in these specific scenarios with these softwares.

2 replies

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Hey OWeisinger, the data you mention CAN be pulled from Clio and Monday with Zapier, so yes, it’s a matter of using the correct trigger and actions.


We are Zapier Premier Partners and we can help with this.


I sent you a message so we can discuss further.


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Hi @OWeisinger 

Check out the available Zapier Experts: