Client dashboard that connects with Asana

  • 21 March 2022
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Hi - I’m an interior designer and my firm uses Asana for all of our project management. 


I want to create a client dashboard that can connect with Asana via Zapier, so that we can create a simple and seamless place to share files & documents with clients, as well as centralize communications about the project.  


Ideally I would like to be able to:

1 - upload pdf presentations and contracts

2 - ask for sign-off / approval on presentations and contracts (like a docusign)

3 - add scheduling / a calendar / milestone dates (ideally with zoom integration)

4 - be able to comment on each of these items (and keep all communication with client centralized here / eliminate emails)

5 - have an attractive and very simple interface (many of our clients are older and tech-illiterate)


Does anyone have any recommendations on the best software for doing this?  I’ve seen lots of similar offerings in healthcare, for example (like Klara), but not sure if they would translate outside of that field.


Obviously, I would also like to just add files in Asana and then automate them so they upload to the other platform, as well as have a feedback loop so that all comments on the other platform come straight back to Asana (ideally as tasks).

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1 reply

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Hiya @Studio Kestrel! Just checking into see if you were able to locate any software that was suitable?

If not, I might recommend checking out our app directory under Team Collab, Project Management, or maybe even Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to spark some ideas! ✨