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Clickup Time Tracking App

  • 27 October 2020
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We are using Zapier to create tasks in Clockify, which works great.

However, the ClickUp time tracking app requires workspace, space and list entries to add time to a task. Why can this not simply be the taskid, as the task could be moved before time is allocated?

Anyone got any ideas how to get around this?

Thanks in advance...



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5 replies

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I’m not sure of your workflow...It seems it’s a bit outside the capabilities of the existing zap, but if you can give us some more information around why a workspace might change before time is logged, we can maybe suggest a way to handle this

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Thanks Andy!

Something like:

  • Create a ClickUp task “Buy an orange”, id: #abcdef in space “SHOPPING” list “NEW REQUESTS”
  • [Zapier sends to Clockify, creating a task]
  • The ClickUp task gets reviewed, and moved into another list, e.g. “TO BUY”.
  • Time is allocated to the Clockify task “Buy an orange”, id: #abcdef


[We try to update ClickUp with time spent, but we need the space and list IDs for the Zapier connector, even though the taskid does not change. We could save them when creating the task in Clockify, but they can change, so there is no point]

Does that make sense?

Thanks for your time!


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Would you be able to send an update to Clockify when the task gets updated in Clickup so it always retains the most recent list?

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Hi Andy

Thanks, that may be an option.

Not ideal, and potentially messy, but it may work.

I will give it a try and let you know.

Thanks, Mark

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Hey @intrica, we just wanted to check in here to see if you were able to get things working using Andy’s suggestion. It looks like those requirements you’re seeing in the Zap are being set by ClickUp, so you might want to reach out to their team to ask why those restrictions are in place and if they have any plans to make changes to not have those fields as “required”. 

Keep us posted with any updates! We’d love to share any further insight with others that may be running into the same issue and following along on this thread.