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Clickup task changes trigger Slack Message

  • 4 August 2022
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Hi everyone,
I’ve just gotten a case.
Imagine, there’s a TEAM, TEAM has 5 people, they names are A B C D E F.

In Clickup there’s a lot of tasks, and A is assigned to one of them with 10 other people outside the TEAM (A B C D E F)

And now IF that task has changes (new comment, new status) then the person from the TEAM, who is assigned, will have a message in Slack like “Hey A, the task you’re in has changes, click to check it”
And the message will be sent only to person, that is from the TEAM, not to the others who are assigned to the same ticket.

Would be possible to create something like that?


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Hi @itramp 

Good question.

Yes, try adding a Filter to the Zap.


You may need 1 Zap per Team member.

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Hey @itramp! Just wanted to step in and expand on what Troy recommended. Here are the steps I think you could add to your Zap to achieve this:

  1. Trigger: Clickup > task Changes
  2. Action: Formatter > Lookup table (You can use this to lookup the Slack ID/username based off of the assignee of the task) More info
  3. Action Slack > Send Direct Message (Dynamically insert the Slack ID/username returned from the previous lookup step)

However, if the task changes only pick up task changes of a single assignee, then Troy is correct: you may need 1 Zap per team member. In that case, your setup would look like this:

  1. Trigger: Clickup > task Changes
  2. Action: Filter (Only continue if > Assignee contains > [name or id of specific assignee])
  3. Action Slack > Send Direct Message (Choose assignee from the drop-down menu)

Give that a go and let us know how things go! We want to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. 🙂