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Clickup - Paymo Task Sync Integration

  • 23 January 2023
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Hello everyone. I couldn’t get this working so hopefully if anyone has setup this Zap and know how to make it work properly - please kindly share with me! Basically, I want everytime a task created in Clickup, it will be automatically created in Paymo as well. However, I’ve tried with Task Status then Task Changes with Assignee but none of them works. If I set it up with a person being assigned, nothing created in Paymo at all.


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3 replies

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Hi @tgoericke!
I see that you reached out to our Support team as well. I read through your messages there and wanted to clarify a couple of things:

  1. When setting up a Zap you use an existing task (a specific one) to map fields into other steps. But when the Zap runs, it will be for task changes across all tasks. You have to pick a specific one during set up but that doesn’t mean you need one Zap per task.
  2. Because the trigger isn’t New Task, we have to be clever about how we set up the Zap so that you only create tasks in Paymo for new tasks in Clickup. 

It seems to me that this should do it:


Are you not finding that only new tasks in Clickup are triggering the Zap? 

NOTE: as far as I know, subtasks will trigger the Zap as well.

To prevent that, adding a Filter step like this should stop subtasks from continuing onto the Paymo step:


Thank you soooooooo much!! It’s finally working! You’re my life saver!! Regarding the subtask, is it possible to setup if a subtask is created on Clickup, one will be automatically created in Paymo under that same task as well?

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Hey @tgoericke!

It doesn’t look like the Paymo integration supports parent/sub-tasks, unfortunately.

And based on their API documentation, it doesn’t appear that subtasks are supported, meaning it wouldn’t even be possible via Zapier.