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Clickup -> Google Sheets, extract single custom field items? Is this available?

  • 5 July 2020
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So I have been up and down with Zapier trying to find a way to extract a single custom field items from a Clickup task and put it into a google sheet.

Thus far all Zapier seems to offer is to give a full extraction of ALL custom field titles.  Such as if you had a custom field of Name, Address, Phone, etc., it would actually just export the words “Name, Address, Phone, etc.”   

Then it will allow you to extract the custom field values.  So in this case it would extract the return values of “Sally Smith, 111 Birch ave., 555-555-5555, etc.”. 


However, I don’t want to deal with a full blown extract.  I just want one section on the custom field that has a specific color.

So the title of that field would be “Color”

And the value would be “Blue”

I’d like those “extracted” TOGETHER.

Is this possible? 


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Hi @Buildingman!


Based on how you’ve described the fields, it sounds like you’ll need to use the Formatter app to split the text. If the text is one text string, you can use the ‘split text action’.  In this case, you’ll need one Formatter step to split the title of the field and another Formatter step to split the field with the values. 


In the step of the Zap where you want both the title and the value, you can add the extracted output from both steps next to each other so that it reads ‘Color Blue’.