Check contact mail exist or not?

  • 9 November 2022
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How I should add additional Zapier action to actually check if the contact exists, if yes, you can use the returned contact ID to associate the deal to the contact, to Find Contact trigger with the job.

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4 replies

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Friendly check in @Ahmed Abdelmohsen - can you let us know how you’re coming along? To Moh’s response above, Concord may have some actions we can’t see, so you’ll have to share with us what your status is! 



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Hi @Ahmed Abdelmohsen 


I couldn't find Concord CRM in the list of apps, is this private integration? 


If so, does it have a Find Contact action? Because this is what you would need in Step 3. Most integrations would have a Find Contact action AND a Create Contact if doesn't exist, so you can combine both into one action. 

Hi, This is my Zap,


in step 3 when creation contact with an existing email in Concord CRM, there make an errors so we need to check if email already found make assign contact to a deal, if not creat contact .

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Hi @Ahmed Abdelmohsen!

Could you share some more details about what you’re trying to do? Specifically, which app or apps are you using and if you’re already part way through setting up a Zap, what do you have so far?