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Chat function for meeting software or event platform

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Do anyone know of any event platform or meeting software that includes a chat function on a registration page (before people actually register)?




Best answer by SamB 8 March 2023, 15:58

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Hi @coachwalker, welcome to the Community!

Do you mean that you would like people to be able to chat while they are waiting for a meeting to start? If so, I think you can do that with Zoom’s Waiting Room feature. Here’s a help guide from Zoom on that: Using Waiting Room

I also think it’s something that you can do on Gatheround, though that doesn’t have a Zapier integration. 

I hope that helps!

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No but thanks.

The possibility to chat with the meeting host prior to registering for the meeting/event

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Hey @coachwalker! Just stepping in for Danvers here and thanks so much for clarifying what you’re looking for. I would wonder if you could trigger on a new registration and then invite the registrant to a community-type app, specifically one with embed functionality. You might want to do some additional research on this but I was able to find that Circle integrates with us and has embed functionality. More info, here:

Hope that helps get you pointed in the right direction!

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Thanks. The operational word here is "prior". I'm looking for a meeting platform where visitors can discuss the event with the event sponsor prior to registering. It surprises me that no one has provided this facility

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Hi @coachwalker! 👋

Most of the meeting apps that I’ve come across work on the premise that you would need to be added to the meeting/event as a registrant/attendee before being able to join the chat room for the meeting/event.

Apps like Facebook though would allow you to add an event listing where visitors could comment on it to ask questions to the sponsor prior to registering. Would that be more like what you’re after?

Or are you looking to allow visitors to have more private discussions with the event sponsor? If yes, then it might be worth building some sort of contact form to the event registration page so that the visitor could submit a message that is then sent to the sponsor, who could then reply by email directly. 

Please do keep us in the loop on how you get on with this!

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Thanks for your message and proffered solution Sam.

Meeting organizers are missing an opportunity not to deal with questions before registration. This could result in the loss of registrants particularly if payment is involved.

I think live chat is preferable from the prospects point of view. 

Here is an example of what I'm after, except for a different product


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Thanks for getting back to me, @coachwalker. I can totally see where you’re coming from! It would certainly be a good way to help to reduce the number of registrants that were lost because they couldn’t ask a question beforehand.

In the example you shared it looks like they’re using Zendesk to provide the live chat. Zendesk is more geared towards overall customer support and live chat is one of its features. So I’m not sure whether that’ll be the best option if you’re only wanting the live chat aspect of what they provide. I’d recommend looking into the different live chat specific apps available to see which will work best for your use case. 

Zapier integrates with a number of live chat apps. They are listed within the Customer Support category, so you may want to use that as a starting point for which ones to look at first:

Hope that helps! 🙂

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Thanks. I need live chat on a meeting registration page. 

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Thanks for clarifying that @coachwalker

I think your best option might be to have the meeting registration form embedded in a page on your own website, and add a live chat app to the website.

I’ve not had much experience in using live chat apps so I can’t really make any recommendations as to the best one to use. But, looking at the app it seems that you’d be able to customise it to only appear on certain pages of your website. So that app might be worth giving a go since it should get you the functionality you’re after. 🙂

If you do manage to find a better alternative please let us know, eager to hear how you get on! 

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Great solution. Thanks

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You’re welcome @coachwalker! Glad I could help here 😁