Change the image received in Airtable Form to a Permanent URL and send a Slack message to display a preview

  • 3 May 2023
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In Zapier, I am trying to send a Slack message by changing the image in Airtable's Attachment field to a Permanent URL. How can I ensure that images always appear as thumbnails in Slack?

Now I'm creating permanent URLs by integrating Aeropage and Airtable. I added Formula Field as a field to Airtable and CONCATENATE the unique token issued by Aeropage and the Record ID of Airtable.

Every time I send a message to Slack, sometimes I get a preview of the link, but most of the time I don't. I thought it was a matter of time, so I added Delay, but it was still the same. It appears when I manually go to Aeropage and hit Sync, but the problem is that I can't do that every time.

I'd love to get some other good suggestions. thank you!



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Hi @plabfootball!

Ah, after the Delay For action you’d need to have a Find Record action (before the paths). That will allow the Zap to find the record that triggered the Zap and see if that has had the img url field updated. Otherwise it would just be using the same information that was present in the record when the Zap triggered.

I also wonder if attaching the image to the message, rather than including it in the message text might help it to show the image preview every time:

Can you give those suggestions a try and let us know whether that gets the image previews appearing consistently?