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Change status from False to True

  • 20 April 2020
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Hi there,


I’m currently on a company plan but posting from my personal account which also has a similar Zap in place. 


The purpose of my zap is to detect when someone replies back to me from LinkedIn and I’d want to see the status in my Google Spreadsheet be switched from FALSE to TRUE. However, I don’t see an option to change it from FALSE to TRUE or does it automatically switch. 


In the screenshots below, “choose action event” is set to “lookup spreadsheet row” and shows an option of bottom up value. However, under my company account  the “choose action event” is create spreadsheet row and I no longer see an option to select true or False. 


Please help. Happy to do a video on this too


I’ve included some screenshots detailing this. 



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The pictures that you’ve provided don’t show the full zap so if I had to guess what the issue is, it’s that you probably need to add another step.

Step 1 [LinkedIn] (Trigger) - When XYZ happens on LinkedIn…

Step 2 [Google Sheets] - Lookup value in Google Sheets. - Find the row/column that you need to update.

Step 3 [Google Sheets] - Update the value from Step 2


If you can screenshot your entire zap it would be more helpful. I’m assuming that you’re trying to do step 2 and 3 both inside of step 2?

Thanks for the quick response!!!




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Hi @AlexPeralta2020 ,

Circling back on this as I see you have been working with Patrick in Support! I am posting their response below in an effort to help other users who may encounter a similar issue.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions- happy to help!

The output in the Status column is going to reflect whatever data is caught by the webhook for as long as the Google Sheets action is using the dynamic data from the "Has Reply" field. The data that's received is ultimately determined by whichever app the hook is pulling data from, and any edit to what's received would need to be done through that app.

This said, you are able to make a manual output for the Google Sheet. If the column is always going to read "True", you can change the output by deleting the dynamic value for Status and changing the value to just say "True".