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  • 22 March 2020
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I’m trying to make a Zap which converts my data from the Microsoft To Do application to a Outlook calendar event.

The problem is the following:

If I insert a task in Microsoft To Do (you may know how this works) you can set a “Due Date and Time”. My aim is, that zap converts the to do toan event in my calendar according to the Due Date and Time of my task in Microsoft To Do.

The following problem occurs: The event is created in my calendar, but it chosses always the date before the setted Due Date and Time..

Here an example:

My Due Date of my task in Microsoft To Do is the 23th of March, 2020.

But Zapier converts my task not for my Due Date but for the 22th of March, 2020 (always one day before the due Date)


Can you help me in this case?

Thank you for helping.


Kind regards,

Simeon Streit

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4 replies

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Hi @Simeonstreit!


This looks like it’s a timezone issue - all apps work in different ways when it comes to setting timezones, so it can be tricky to make everything line up. 


The first thing to try is to set your Timezone in Zapier’s settings. To do that:

  1. Go to your profile settings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to find the Timezone settings 
  3. Set your timezone

Could you give that a go and see if it fixes the problem?

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Hi @Simeonstreit ,

Circling back to see if adjusting the time zone setting did the trick or if you are still experiencing an issue! Just let us know either way- happy to help!

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HI @Liz_Roberts  and @Danvers 


Thank you so much for your helping advise. Unfortunately I’ve already chosen the correct time zone setting (+2 / EU). I tried to change to fix the problem but it doesn’t work either.

Any way, maybe you can give my further advise.

Regards and a beautiful day

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Hi @Simeonstreit I think that it will be best if someone from the Support Team takes a closer look.  I’m going to pass this one to them - someone will be in touch via email as soon as possible.