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Capturing Asana comment to update google sheet row

  • 23 September 2022
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Hi There, 

so I’ve successfully built a flow as below:

  1. updated Gsheets row to create a task in Asana
  2. complete Asana task to update Gsheets row

I was trying to capture the Asana task comment to update particular Gsheets row, but couldn’t find a way, wonder if anyone here can shed the light for this 


Thank you so much 


Best answer by nicksimard 27 September 2022, 01:29

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3 replies

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Hi @Kelvin-T-82 

Good question.

To have Zaps triggered from Asana Comments would require using the Asana API, likely via the Webhooks.


Webhooks allow you to subscribe to notifications about events that occur on Asana resources (e.g., tasks, projects, stories, etc.)


A story represents an activity associated with an object in the Asana system.
Stories are generated by the system whenever users take actions such as creating or assigning tasks, or moving tasks between projects.
Comments are also a form of user-generated story.


However, Asana webhooks require a signature be passed back and that is not currently support with the Zap Webhook app.

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Hi @Kelvin-T-82!

As Troy mentioned, you could explore Webhooks if you wanted to get access to those task comments. I’ve worked with the Asana API in the past, and it’s one of the more user-friendly ones amongst popular apps :)

Specifically, you’d be looking at this:

I also found an existing feature request for returning the task comments on the Completed Task trigger, so I added your vote to that. That means you’ll receive an email notification if/when it’s implemented.

I see, thank you @nicksimard  & @Troy Tessalone !
I’ll give it a try and feedback