Cannot edit google calendar event after it is duplicated - Copy Google calendar to Google Calendar

  • 17 September 2022
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Successfully used the pre-created zap to copy events from one google calendar (gmailUser#1) to another  calendar (gmailUser#2). Calendar#1 New Event trigger successfully duplicates the event to Calendar#2 as designed. But GmailUser#2 cannot edit the event on their Calendar#2. I believe it is because of permissions that restrict GmailUser#2 from edit privileges on GmailUser#1’s calendar, also as designed. 

But I need GmailUser#2 to be able to edit the duplicated events but only on their own calendar, not on Calendar#1. 

What I’m trying to achieve is to allow the bookkeeping department to be able to see all of the jobs on the scheduling calendar (Calendar#1) without touching it and edit their own version of the event, but not the original. They need to be able to add their own notes to those calendar events, that reflect Invoicing, Checks, Totals, etc, without being given access to the scheduling calendar. 

We’ve been having events disappear or get changed and I want them out of the pool so there won’t be any conflict with the scheduling department.

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3 replies

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Hi @Rixanne! I use a really similar Zap for my own work and what you described should be working which makes me wonder if there is a permissioning issue in Google Calendar (who can modify calendar #2?). Is the duplicated event created by the same account that owns calendar #1 or the account that owns calendar #2?

This blog article walks through how to create the Zap you copied step by step. Let’s make sure you don’t have any unintended permission or owner issues. Let me know how we can help!

Hi @Jillian , thanks for your reply.  I used the template for the Zap. Calendar #2 can be modified by the owner(User#2) and User#1 (the source of the calendar events). The duplicated event is created by owner/User#2.  After reading your response, I tried changing the creator to User#1 and it made no difference in the event duplicated onto Calendar#2. User#2 still couldn’t edit it.

When I select one of the duplicated appointments on Calendar#2, it gives me an option to copy it to User#2/Calendar#2, which tells me that I am only looking at a copy of Calendar#1’s events, that it isn’t actually creating a copy onto Calendar#2 or it wouldn’t be giving me that as an option. It would also allow User#2 to edit their own calendar, which it isn’t. 

I don’t know why

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Hi @Rixanne!

That’s a strange one. Based on what you’ve described, I’d expect it to work as you’re wanting it to. We could try to troubleshoot here in the community by getting screenshots, but you might be better off contacting our Support team.

They have access to some tools that we don’t, so they should be able to dig in a bit more and get to the bottom of this for you!

You can contact them here. If you get it resolved we’d love to hear about it, in the event that someone else is experiencing a similar issue.