Cannot access the ClientPartyType field from Documate

  • 15 August 2022
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I’ve seen similar questions asked, and have tried similar troubleshooting tips to no avail.

I have a zap trigger set up to create a Clio Matter when a Documate workflow is finished.
I am trying to set up paths so that if the Client is the Plaintiff, it will follow one path, but if the Client is the Respondent, it will follow the other.  I cannot get the paths set up, because it is not loading the variable that tells us what the ClientPartyType is.  


Can you please help me figure out why it is not loading this variable.  (I am doing work for a client using another account, so the zap is in their account.)


Thank you,


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3 replies

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Hi - In the source is the ClientPartyType field populated. This seems obvious but I have had cases in the past where I have found that a field wasn’t visible at first because the field I was looking for had no data on my first test in the source data (even though I would have expected it to have been populated).

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Hi @VirtualPro 

Good question.

Make sure to test with a representative example that has data for the field.

Some apps won’t return variables if the value is null/empty/blank.

How to change your trigger test data:


Do I need a paid Documate account to use Documate with Zapier?

You need a paid Documate plan to use Documate with Zapier.

Are custom fields in Documate supported when I use Documate with Zapier?

Yes, Documate supports custom fields.

Does Documate use real trigger samples from my Documate account?

Yes, Documate provides real trigger samples from your Documate account.

What kind of Documate hosted account can I use with Zapier?

Documate's Zapier integration supports cloud-hosted accounts only.

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Hey @VirtualPro! I wanted to check in and see if you were able to get this sorted?

We want to make sure you’re all squared away here! 🙂