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Canceled Subscription in Stripe: How to remove access at the end of the billing period?

  • 8 March 2023
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I run a paid membership community. Members are managed via Airtable. Subscriptions via Stripe.


I want to change the status of users who canceled their subscription in Stripe from “Member” to "Not a Member" at the end of their billing period, rather than instantly.


E.g. If a person cancels on the 2nd day of their monthly subscription, they should still have access for the next 28 days.


Setting up tracking of billing periods on the Airtable side seems too complicated. What would be a good solution?


Thank you!


Best answer by SamB 8 March 2023, 12:43

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Welcome to the Community, @dominik! 🙂

The Canceled Subscription trigger for Stripe should return the date the current billing period ends. So I’m thinking that you could try passing that billing period end date value over to a Delay Until (Delay by Zapier) action. You’d use that end date as the time to delay the Zap to, before removing their access. If you’ve not worked with delays in Zaps before you can find out more about how to use them here: Add delays to Zaps

Looks like the Current Period End field from Stripe should contain a timestamp for the end date for the current billing period that you could use for this. 

Do you think that approach would work for you?

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Thank you @SamB. It seems that relying on the Current Period End is the best way to track this. Either through Zapier delay or custom rules/automations on the Airtable side. Thank you so much for your suggestion and clarification.


Was pleased to see that the Delay step accepts Unix timestamps as input (as provided by Stripe).

Thank you again, I consider my issue resolved. Have a nice day!