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Can Zapier use Woocommerce bookings to create Google Calendar events?

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How can I create a Google event when a WooCommerce booking is made?

we currently get an email for each booking made online, but have no visual calendar view of bookings. We are thinking that a Google calendar could be shared with selected members of the company.

if we can create a zap that is triggered by a new WooCommerce booking to create an event in a Google calendar, we would be half way to a solution.

then we would need a zap for events created in Google to be added to the WooCommerce booking calendar.

is this possible?

has it been done before.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards 



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 24 July 2022, 20:29

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Hi @Bradw 

Good question.

Try these Zap steps...


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Hi there, @Bradw !

Troy’s response above should get you on your way to the first half of your solution. 

Now, when it comes to the second half...

then we would need a zap for events created in Google to be added to the WooCommerce booking calendar.


I’m a bit unclear on this. Are you saying that a new WooCommerce booking doesn’t go into the booking calendar, so you’re looking for a way to go with a flow like WooCommerce Booking > Google Calendar Event > WooCommerce Booking Calendar ? Or are you saying you want people to be able to manually enter a Google Calendar event and have that get added as a WooCommerce booking?

If it’s the latter, I can say that the WooCommerce team has not built a Create Booking action for their Zapier integration, but we do have a feature request for that action. I can add you to that if you’d like!

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Hi Shalgrim 

I've just realized that the most convenient way to view bookings is via Google Calendar, and if we send bookings added to Google Calendar and they are zapped to Woocommerce, we won't be adding value. We have setup Woocommerce booking without daily limits, and manually block off days we need to.

The Woocommerce to Google Calendar will suffice.

Thank you very much.

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Hi @Bradw 

Good question.

Try these Zap steps...


Thank you very much.