Can Zapier pull selected text out of an email "snippet" and send to monday?

  • 7 December 2023
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I’m having Zapier watch for incoming emails and then sending data to

But ideally what I’d like to do is something a little more complex:

The data I want is in the email “snippet” field.  In the snippet there are several lines I want to cut out - for example:

Line that contains “Title” - move that entire line into to a particular board item colum called “Title”

Line that contains “Cause” - move that entire line into to <that same board> board item colum called “Cause”



Is this possible or is this too complex for Zapier?   The goal here is to extract data out of the email and make it a separate object in Monday so I can manipulate it from there.


Thank you

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6 replies

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Hi @rockymtnway 

Good question.

Help article to reference:

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Thanks for this link!  I read it and there is one item I’m confused about.


It says at the top to use:

Action: ChatGPT - Extract Structured Data

But then right below that, it says to use:

Action: ChatGPT - Conversation


These are two different things it seems.  Which one is preferable to use?


Examples below that show a field called “User Message” which is not available when using Unstructured Text



Thank you!


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So I’ve created a four step process:

  1. New Email Matching
  2. Conversation in ChatGPT (not sure this is working yet)
  3. Run Javascript
  4. Send to

I think I’m getting closer….   I think the issue is - In the Javascript mapping I don’t see “Assistant Response Message” listed.


I see “User Request Message” - not sure if that is the same thing?



Update.  I found something called “Reply” that has the data I received.  Maybe they renamed this.

Continuing on through the fog….


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Hi there, @rockymtnway. 👋

I did some checking in my own account and you’re correct! The response from a ChatGPT conversation is contained in a field called Reply not Assistant Response Message.

Were you since able to finish setting up the Zap? Keen to ensure you’re all set so let me know if you need any help on this still - happy to assist! 🙂

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Yes it’s all working now, thanks to Troy and your responses to this thread!

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That’s great news, @rockymtnway! 😁🎉

I’m so glad you were able to get it sorted. Please do reach out again in the Community here if we can assist with anything else at all.