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Can Zapier "Ping" a Google Sheet at Intervals?

  • 22 May 2020
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Hello, Zapier godz!

I am getting increasingly comfortable with using the zap for Google Sheets, but I’ve run into a roadblock on getting the Google Sheets apps to ping that I’m trying to connect to.

I have a sheet that auto-generates launch times for armies in an online MMO game. The launch times are generated through a very sophisticated formula, taking into account multiple factors. Additionally, there is a clock on the sheet so that as a launch time approaches, exclamation points appear to indicate the launch is getting closer. Example:


I thought that, as the sheet auto-adds a “!” “!!,” “***Late***” etc. to the launch times, that would count as an “update,” and so I could use the Google Sheet app’s “New or updated Spreadsheet row” feature so that, when these auto-update, it would push all of the info for that row out to a channel in our Slack account.

Everything is formatted perfectly and it works -- but only if someone is on the sheet and makes an actual update. The auto-format change is NOT triggering.

My question is this: is there any way to tell Zapier to “ping” that sheet every 30 minutes or so and list out the launch times? Alternatively, is there workaround for making Zapier see the updating launch time format as a true “update” to a row?



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Hi @Jejune ,

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the delay!

I have escalated this to Support as they would be the best ones to help with this workflow. They will be in touch just as soon as they can!

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If someone is looking to do something similar with XML, here’s what our Support Team said:

At this time, we don't have any apps on Zapier that can parse XML without some legwork. Google Sheets is what I would have normally recommended but it looks like you've already tried that. The only other option is to use a Code by Zapier step but that's pretty technical.

Stack Overflow is a good resource for questions like this, though: Just tag your question with a “Zapier” tag and usually there will be folks who are willing to help you out. You can see all the questions that have already been asked here:

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I know you have done all the work in Google sheets and the thought of looking to move that will be unpalatable. However importing the sheet into airtable could be an answer. Then set a view in airtable that filters in the data change. There is an airtable zap trigger for that.