Can Zapier helps in sending automated emails to Failed Payments in Stripe?

  • 16 January 2023
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We are looking for a service/system which help us automate our Stripe emails. We have some "Failed payments" on Stripe and want to send an automatic email whenever a "Failed payment" occur. 
We are also offering some promotions to get the customers back to our website in case of abandoned checkouts.
Can Zapier helps in sending automated emails to Failed Payments in Stripe?

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5 replies

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Hi @Noor!

Zapier can totally help you automate e-mails for failed Stripe payments.

I’m not sure what e-mail service you use, but if we assume for a moment it’s Gmail, then it’s a super common Zap. And if you head on over here and click on “Try Template”, you can get going right away.

If you’re using something else and need help figuring out how to set it up, let us know!

Thank you @Jillian for your response.

We are using Active Campaign but we don’t want to get into 3 platforms at a time. i-e Zapier, Stripe, Active Compaign.

Can we automate the Stripe with Zapier and start automating emails using Zapier and Stripe or we have to go for email delivery service? 

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Hello again @Noor!

Totally fair. I’m assuming you’re using Active Campaign for your e-mail marketing, right? Things like promotions, sales, etc.

If we remove that use case out of the picture for the moment, you likely still have some sort of e-mail service to communicate with your customers around orders, order updates, etc., right? I’m thinking the failed payment e-mail would be utilizing that system too. You should be able to leverage whatever that system is - Gmail, Outlook, etc. - to send the failed payment e-mails.

Let us know what you’re using and we’ll help you figure it out.


Thank you Again @Jillian for quick response.

Well, we are going to use Gmail. 

We are already using it. So, it will be easy. 

My questions: How to Automatically send emails to “Failed Payments”?

I means whenever someone leave website without paying, he will receive an automatic email with some sort of discount to convert him into a potential customer. 

Is this possible with Zapier + Gmail Integration. 

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Great. Gmail makes the failed payments part easy!

As for the trigger. I was just checking out some the Stripe documentation (I am no expert on Stripe at all!) and it looks like there’s two things to figure out.

“Failed payment” would refer to a situation where the customer has made it to the check out, entered their payment information, and it either fails then or later during the banking process. Or perhaps it’s a subscription and payment fails on a later charge. Here’s some info on failed payments.

“Abandoned cart” is different. This would mean that a customer has put something in their cart, but never actually checked out which means payment never failed. Here’s some info on abandoned carts. Sounds like they tend to get bucketed under promotional emails, which means you might have to do research around Active Campaigns for email marketing.

The Zap I suggested would help with the failed payments, but you’re going to want to dig into Stripe further to understand how to configure an abandoned cart and then how you want to use Zapier and Gmail.

And finally - we have a ton of amazing Experts you can hire to set up incredibly efficient sales, promotion, etc. workflows for you if you’re interested.