Can Zapier extract data from Google Sheets based on a date?

  • 23 April 2023
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Here is what I currently do:

I run education courses and receive feedback from learners by filling out a GoogleForm at the end of a course.

Google form dumps the data into a spreadsheet. I use the same form for all of my courses (same course but on different dates)

The spreadsheet has a timestamp in column1 (the date the feedback is added) and then feedback items as wells free text in the subsequent columns.

This is what I want to do:

I would like to create a zap that is triggered the day after the course (I think I know how to do that part) and then extracts the rows form the feedback sheet where [timestamp = coursedate] and dumps that into either a new spreadsheet (eg Feedback Course XYZ 20230423)

That way I would have the feedback from one course separated from ALL feedback and can use it for further automation.

What I ultimately want to achieve is automatically generating a ‘feedback report’ that is sent to the course faculty.

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Hi @drckarcher 

Good question,

Here’s an alternative approach.

Use Airtable instead of GSheets.

Airtable has Form Views to add new records.

Airtable has Views which can have Filters conditions.

You’d create 1 View per date for the each Course.

Airtable has internal automations as well that you may want to leverage.

Airtable Views can be used in Zaps as well to limit data.