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Can Zapier create registrants for multiple Zoom meetings?

  • 16 September 2022
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I am offering two workshops on Zoom on different dates. I am using Gravi ty forms for registrations, with a checkbox field to allow users to choose one workshop or both.

The field label is “Select which workshop you wish to attend.” The choices are:

Workshop #1 on October 13, 2022

Workshop #2 on October 27, 2022

People can select both workshops.

Using the form submission as a trigger, I want my Zap to create registrants for the selected workshop(s). I have created two action steps: one for each workshop meeting on Zoom.

I’m going in circles with the filter step. So my question is: is it possible for one Zap to do this? If so, how? 

Optional question: If the sample data is using “Workshop #2 on October 27, 2022,” does the filter reject a response of “Workshop #1 on October 13, 2022?”

I don’t want to make people register twice if they want to attend both workshops. 



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Hello @marlened! You’re definitely headed down the right path with your logic. However, think of Filter as a yes/no. Either something meets the qualifications your set forth, or it does not. And the Zap only continues if the qualifications are met.

I’d recommend looking into Paths instead. This would let you create branches and multiple paths with qualifications. You can find more info on Paths here:

Note: Paths is available on Professional and above plans.

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I’d recommend looking into Paths instead.

I also think that Paths would be the best option in your case. You would need to create 3 paths:

  • Path A: user selected workshop #1 only
  • Path B: user selected workshop #2 only
  • Path C: user selected both workshop #1 and workshop #2

I am not sure I fully understand your optional question. I will try to answer it anyway.

If the sample data is using Workshop #2, that does not necessarily mean that the filter or path selection would reject a response of Workshop #1. That said, I would advise you to try submitting your form multiple times with different data to make sure that each one of the three paths works as intended with different sample data.

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Hi @marlened ! Checking in to see if you were able to get this workflow sorted by leveraging Paths. Let us know if you are squared away or running into any hiccups!

Thank you everyone, for this suggestion. It’s a whole new world for me! It will take me some time to understand and apply the Paths concept. I hope to get it done this weekend and will come back here to report on how it went.