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Can Zap trigger if website message is received?

  • 11 August 2021
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I have a website where users can communicate with each other through a messaging system on the website, much like members of Facebook can send and receive messages from other users.  Is it possible for the receiving of a message to be a trigger which could link to an SMS gateway like twilio to send the user a text that they have received a message.


I basically want this to happen: User receives message on website → a text is sent to their phone notifying them that they have received a message.


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Hi @Epaul 

Depends on the app being used for the website messaging.

Check out the available public Zap apps here:

Each app has a profile page that lists the available triggers/actions.

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Welcome to the Community, @Epaul

I just wanted to jump in here to clarify that the link you’d want to use to see all apps on Zapier is this one:

If the messaging system isn’t one of the apps that we currently integrate with, there are a few ways you might still be able to achieve your workflow. For example, if the messaging system is able to send a webhook when a message is sent/received, you could use the Webhooks by Zapier app to trigger a Zap. Then you could Twilio’s Send SMS action to send out a text message. You can find out more about how to trigger Zaps from webhooks here: Trigger Zaps from webhooks

And you can see other possible ways of connecting to apps that aren’t currently on Zapier here: How to Get Any App to Work with Zapier 

Hope this helps! :)