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Can you use Zapier to remove or delete people/users from apps and FB groups?

  • 28 April 2021
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Hi There,

I am playing around more with how we can use zapier to streamline areas of our business. 

We work with a number of clients that are currently set up in a CRM system, PTD app and a private FB group. Is there a way when we remove a client from one it removes them from the others? Don’t mind the order to do this but would be great if instead of having to remove the client from all 3 places we can just do in one click.


I am a complete beginner at this so any help is greatly appreciated.




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Hi @Arnox,

Zapier supports a lot of CRM integration and while contact delete isn’t a feature that is available for most of the CRMs you can certainly update contact or move them to a trash folder.

You need to check what kind of feature your CRM provides by searching your CRM here:

And for Facebook Group, there is no action to delete a contact, people tend to use Telegram or Slack instead of a Facebook group for better integration.


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Hey @Arnox, hope you’re well, I just wanted to check in here!

Were you able to check your CRM on our app page to see if it supported removing a contact?

For context, many of the integrations on Zapier won’t support “delete” style actions. This is due to the risk of accidental data deletion if a zap is misconfigured or runs unexpected and deletes a bunch of data. Since delete actions are irreversible in most cases, we typically avoid building them to help prevent unexpected data loss.