Can you limit the number of Pardot fields read by Zapier?

  • 4 October 2021
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We’ve recently had some Zaps error out on the “Find or Create Prospect in Pardot” step with an error that reads “An HTTP Client raised an unhandled exception: SoftTimeLimitExceeded().” Between Zapier and Pardot support conversations, the main thing we learned is that Zapier was taking too long to read through the fields which lead to the error messages. Not much was offered as far as troubleshooting since both sides saw nothing wrong with the Zaps at the surface level. Replaying the Zaps didn’t work and the fields in Pardot are all basic text fields. 

The only thing that has changed is that we have added a lot more fields in Pardot, which lead us to wonder if that was what is causing the timeouts when running a zap. Has anyone ran into this issue before, and if so, were you able to find a workaround? In Pardot is there a way to limit the number of fields Zapier can see?


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2 replies

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Hi @Barbie 

If the Pardot Zap app integration doesn’t allow you to specify which fields to return, then you may have to look into leveraging the Pardot API:


App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Code app or Webhooks app.




Consider hiring a Zapier Expert if you need help:

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Hey, I can suggest a solution


  • First Find the user with the details.
  • Than add a filter, if user does not exist. 
  • Create the user with lets first set of 5 or 10 fields
  • Update the above user with another 5 or 10 fields 
  • Update the above user again with another 5 or 10 fields 

As you can see we are not creating the user with all the details at once. Instead, we are using Create user action and adding a few steps below to update.


I hope this solution works for you!