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Can WordPress use the new post event of the specified category? Not all new posts

  • 16 April 2020
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Can WordPress use the new post event of the specified category? Not all new posts


Best answer by jpot 17 April 2020, 00:16

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Hello! The WordPress integration can’t trigger based on category, I’m afraid, but you can get this to work using a Filter by Zapier step. I tested this with a website I run and the following configuration worked:

Is this helpful? Let us know either way! 

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Thanks Jpot! That part does seem to work well actually, I really appreciate the response.


Unforunately our ‘permalink’ goes to a generic page (which is the only one I can retrieve on the Zap), so it’s still not linking to the individual sites.

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Hi @Timhenman Can check that I understand the issue here?


You can set up the filter, but when you test the trigger, the only link that you can see is the permalink, which goes to a generic page - is that right?


Is the permalink exactly the same every time? Is there a part of it that you can use to differentiate the different pages/sites? If you’re able to share the link that would help. And what are the following steps in the Zap? Thanks!

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Thanks for the continuned help!

I can set up the filter so that I could add a category tick box (e.g. Pinterest) so it would know to only publish those articles to that social media page as opposed to them all.

The issue that I’m having is that the ‘permalink’ is the only URL Zapier seems to be able to grab - which goes to a central URL as apposed to a particular brand.


Here’s an an example:


When creating an article, it automatically creates a link using the article title to our overall companies page - e.g -


There are also buttons on wordpress that can put this article on one or more of our brands, and the link for each would then be - 


My issue is that Zapier only seems to be able to access the company link - it can’t differentiate between the brands. I’m sure this could be an issue on our side however!

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Ah, I see what you mean. I don’t think that there’s a way to get the ‘brand’ part of the website with the Zap. The only workaround that I could think of would be if you can add the name of the brand in the slug eg but that would probably look a bit odd on the brand website as it would be Could you perhaps use a numbering system? So, give each brand a number and include that number in the slug (if you can change the article slug), then filter based off the number?