Can’t load new Pipedrive leads - “We couldn’t find anymore leads” response

  • 23 November 2021
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I want to send notifications to specific people when a new Pipedrive Lead is submitted via a webform.

However, when I pull sample data to create the Zap, I only see old leads (that have not been submitted via webform), not the newer leads.

When I try to Load More data to test the trigger, I get the response “We couldn’t find anymore leads”. But the new leads have been created.

Where to from here?

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7 replies

Hi Gavin,

Apologies if you have already done this but I just want to confirm all the basics…

When you created the new leads, did you create them before or after the zap was created? I would create a sample pipeline (to prevent actual leads being processed) turn the zap on and test to see if it pulls in when live.

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Thanks @RoseGuthrie - yes, there are about 50 pre-existing leads. I then created new leads (with some new custom fields for Zapier filtering). But I am only seeing the first three old leads (of the 50) but none of the new ones.

Would you be willing to screenshot the first step of your zap?

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There’s not much to see!




So I was trying to replicate the issue but I was unable to do so initially….

Is the lead being saved as a ‘deal or lead’? On the form, I set the preference as a deal and not a lead and it did not come through to Zapier. When I changed it back to lead, it populated in Zapier.



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Oh thanks for following up!

The form was saving the submission as a Lead.

I reset it to Deal and saved, then reset it back to Lead.

Then I submitted a new Lead via the form, but we still get the same response. Only the 3 old leads are coming through.

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Hi @Gavin Heaton 

Are the old leads missing data that is preventing you from configuring the Zap?

If you are able to configure the Zap by mapping the dynamic variables between the Zap steps using the ‘Custom’ mapping option, then try this…

  1. Turn the Zap ON.
  2. Submit a live test form.
  3. Check your Zap Runs to see if the Zap triggered and that the data came thru correctly: