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Can't find Excel sheet on SharePoint or OneDrive.

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Is there an answer?  I’m having same issue.  Should I be linking to the admin email? 

 I have both a personal OneDrive and a business OneDrive on my computer.  Nothing in the business file appears.

If I can’t send Jotform submissions to Excel, are there any other products that work?



Best answer by Danvers 11 May 2022, 12:56

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Hi @Dawn M!

Have you tried clicking on “/root? in the Zap, do other folder appear? Is that the issue you’re having, or is it something different?

As for other apps you could use, Google Sheets and Airtable would be great options :)

Thanks for the tip -  I entered “/root? as you suggested and I did see a folder that I set up.  However, no worksheets or files appear.  I’m trying to integrate with a sheet in a workbook.  I’ve saved it as an .xlsx incase it was looking for a later version file.  Are there any good instructions anywhere?

Here’s what I get:



Test Folder


Choose value…


Choose value…

We’re having trouble loading 'Worksheet' data (Required field "Spreadsheet" (workbook_id) is missing.)


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Hi @Dawn M!

From what you’ve described above, it sounds like you need to select a value for the spreadsheet. In the Zap you have to choose the Speadsheet first so that it knows where to look for the worksheet:

I hope that’s clear, if you’re still having trouble with your Zap step, could you please share a screenshot like the one here? That’ll really help us to understand what’s going on 😊

Thanks Danvers,


I actually have made progress but hit a wall again today:


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@Dawn M happy to help here! I wasn’t able to find anything about this error in our internal documentation but after some digging, I found a Microsoft document for this error that said:

The failed request conflicts with other clients accessing the workbook (for example, another client has locked the workbook for edit). The Microsoft Graph client is not expected to resend the failed request until the conflict is resolved. An end user can choose to manually perform the same operations with Excel Online to get more details about the conflict.

I am not super familiar with the nuances of workbook access by other clients so this might be something you either want to raise with our support team or the Microsoft team that supports Excel. Best of luck!