Can I zap from LinkedIn to Google My Business?

  • 11 February 2023
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I have a zap that takes Facebook Posts and sends them to Google My Business. 

However, I have noticed that when I post as a Facebook Reel, the zap does not go through.

As a workaround, is it possible to zap from LinkedIn to GMB instead?


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3 replies

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I don’t think there are any triggers that LinkedIn has that would help here, but if the problem you’re trying to solve is getting media from Facebook to GMB, have you tried using an Instagram trigger?


I imagine that would be easier to sync those 2 than LinkedIn anyway, and Instagram has media triggers both for personal and business accounts.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m posting Instagram Reels, so I don’t think it will trigger.

I was able to take the same video and make it a Facebook Post, and that would send an “image” from the reel with the caption to GMB. So at least there was some kind of fresh content going to GMB each week.

However, since I started posting it as a Facebook Reel, the zap isn’t working.

So going to a LinkedIn zap was going to be my next workaround...

Where I’m getting stuck is that there just doesn’t seem to be any zaps or scheduling tools that allow you to schedule VIDEO to GMB. And that’s the part I’d really like to automate somehow.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear it!


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I checked on the Google help pages and it looks like it is possible to add video to posts: About posts for your business profile. So, the question is can you add video to a post using the Zapier integration.

You mentioned that Facebook reels haven’t worked, have you tried using video from another source? If we know whether it’s all video or just reels, then we might be able to find some next steps. Are you able to give that a go? Could you try adding a video into a post (using Zapier) where the video isn’t a FB reel?