Can I zap candidate info for a particular job in Crelate to a Google Sheet?

  • 29 February 2024
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I am trying to create a job specific Zap from the CRELATE recruiting platform so that when a candidate is added to a specific job order in Crelate, that candidate’s information will be added to a google spreadsheet.


It looks like there is a zap for sending candidate information to Sheets but I can’t tell how to structure it so that it is for a specific job only.

Any thoughts, or help would be very appreciated.

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2 replies

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Hi @biorecruiter, is the specific job order a property/field that’s available for you to use? You may need to use the Find Job step in Crelate to get this property. If so, you could use Zapier’s filter step to only allow the specific job order criteria to allow the zap to continue. After the filter step, you could use the Create Spreadsheet Row step to add the information to your Google Sheet.


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Hi @biorecruiter,

+1 on @ry.schwei suggestion, you could use Filter by Zapier for the Zap to only continue on a specific job. You can learn more about the Filter by Zapier here:

Hopefully, this helps!