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Can I use Zapier to compare software versions between Salesforce and Google Sheets?

  • 29 April 2022
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I am wondering if Zapier has this ability:

 Salesforce Asset Software version field updated → Compare to Google Sheets Lookup Current Software version → If Salesforce less than Sheets version  → Create Case in Salesforce to update software. [Now I think that is possible, please correct me if I am wrong] 


I also need the inverse of above: Upon Google Sheets being updated compare to all same models in Salesforce and if Salesforce asset Software version is outdated create a case to update the software.  


Is this possible?


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Hi @DCzubak 

Good question.


Have you reviewed the available Zap triggers/actions for each app?




NOTE: Zapier is not meant for 2-ways syncs of data:

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Hey @DCzubak! Were you able to come up with a solution here? I am also curious if this is possible 🤔

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Hi @DCzubak!

This might depend on how the information is laid out in Google Sheets. Is there a separate column for the version of a product? If so this should definitely be possible. 

For the comparison part of the Zap, I would set it up like this:

  • Google Sheets: Find Row - use the name of the asset to find the relevant row, which includes the asset name and version number. 
  • Formatter: Numbers > Spreadsheet style formula - create a formula to compare the value of the two numbers and return ‘True’ or ‘False’ as appropriate
  • Filter: If the value from the Formatter step is ‘True’ then continue the Zap, if it’s False stop the Zap

You can then add a step on the end to create the case in Saleforce. 


A couple of tips: 

Test out a spreadsheet formula in Google Sheets to see if it works, if it gives you the right answer in the sheet, it will give you the right answer in the Zap

You’ll need to find a way to represent the version in a way that is a real number. IE a formula can look compare numbers with either no decimal points or one decimal point, but a version like 3.4.1 isn’t a real number and wouldn’t work with the formula. 


I hope that helps, like @TamRazzleDazzle said, please do let us know how you get on!