Can I use Formatter to send richly formatted Confluence content to Slack when a new Product Update is posted?

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Huhu everyone! I’m trying my best to include rich formatting from Confluence to Slack. We need it for regular Product Updates. We also have images in our pages in Confluence. I tried for some time to include Formatter in between Zaps of Confluence and Slack but at the end it gives me smth like in the screenshot. I’m sure there must be a way. Thank you all in advance! 


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Hey there @Ruslan Va -

I’d love to see if I can help you out today, can you please provide some screenshots of your full Zap setup? This would include both the details of your trigger and action, of course omitting any sensitive information? This will help me get a better idea of what’s going on and how I can assist. 

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Hey @Ruslan Va! I also want to make sure you’re utilizing Slack’s formatting guidelines: It looks like you might be trying to use some markdown here, which could be causing issues. Can you confirm?

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thank you for quick answer!

here’s screenshots, from trigger to actions, top to bottom:

Trigger is confluence
Converting html to text
Extracting image url
Text in Slack
Image in Slack


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Hi there @Ruslan Va,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

I appreciate the screenshots. Have you tried replacing the 2nd step from “Convert HTML to Markdown” to “Convert Markdown to HTML”?

Please let us know if that will fix the formatting issue.

Thanks! 😊

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hey-hey @ken.a 
it doesn’t help sadly ...


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Hi there @Ruslan Va,

Unfortunately, I have exhausted my resources on this one and couldn’t replicate this issue on my end. I recommend reaching out to our Support team they have the expertise and tools to take a closer look at the Zap and its logs, which will help in finding a resolution.

You can reach our Support team here:

I hope for your patience and understanding.