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Can I trigger a zap on the value of a (custom) field (HubSpot1>HubSpot2)

  • 16 November 2022
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Hi there,


We have two hubspot accounts and we share data between them.

Now we want to do the following

  • test on hubspot1 if a custom field has a certain value (new or changed)
  • create the same contact in hubspot 2 

I managed to copy all the values (e.g. on a new created contact) but not triggered by a field value 

Any suggestions?




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6 replies

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Hi @southparc.


There’s a couple of ways that you can do something like this, I’ll explain both and you can see if either will work for you. 

If you’re creating or updating contacts in hubspot1 and you want that to then create a new contact in hubspot2 ONLY IF the contact has a particular field, then you can set up a Zap like this:

  1. HubSpot Contact Recently Created or Updated
  2. Filter by Zapier - only continue if the field you need is not blank
  3. HubSpot Create Contact

Another way to do something similar is to use the Hubspot trigger New Contact Property change. This will trigger a Zap if a specific property (ie field) on a contact is either added or changed. 


Will either of those work for what you’re trying to do? 

Hi Danvers,


Thank you for the fast response!

And these option I thought about too but i’m afraid it will not work. Looking per option:

  1. we always have a custom contact field in hubspot1 called “client type and size” and it can have one out of 10 values in a dropdown.
    Only in case a new or existing contact is getting, in this field, the value “business2” then this complete contact needs to be sent (or updated) in hubspot 2 (and ideally deleted in hubspot1)
  2. the alternative will only work if the contact is already in hubspot 2, which is usually not the case

So it is more like a condition on a field, I read a bit about sub-zaps, perhaps this is something I need to dig in a bit more.



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Heya @southparc.!  

To address what you mentioned, you could use the Filter step to look for “business2” and only continue if that value exists there.

You could also use our Create/Update Contact action in HubSpot to take care of #2 as well.

Zapier cannot delete stuff traditionally, but you could update the contact that triggered the Zap, which we moved into Hubspot2, and change the name to something like “DELETE ME - <existing name of contact>” and have someone take care of that internally.

Of course there are always other considerations that you never think of until you set up a Zap like this, but I think we could help you in most of the ways you need =)

ok, sounds like a plan - will give it a try!

RALaBarge this worked - fast and simple!


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Woohoo! Thanks for letting us know this worked for ya! 

Love to hear it. 🥳