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Can I sync question-answer pairs automatically without updating them in Zapier when I change questions in Calendly?

  • 20 June 2023
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While Calendly is pulling the questions and answers into two lists of (1) questions and (2) answers, Calendly is saying there is No Data for the Questions And Answers option, which should provide each question and their respective answer. So, we can only choose the list of questions or list of answers or each question/answer individually, which means that if we ever change a question, the answers will be associated with the wrong question.


Very simply, I want to have the questions and their respective answers together so the data is always up to date, rather than creating a new field/column in my database and updating Zapier every time I change a question. Can you help with this?


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Welcome to the Community, @maxwellmuller! 🙂

I’ve taken a look into this and can definitely see what you mean. It appears you’re not the first to ask about this, as there’s an open feature request for the Calendly app to have the question set as the field name and the respective answer as the value for that field. 

I’ve gone ahead and added your vote to that. I can’t make any promises as to when that would be implemented but we’ll be sure to email you as soon as it is.

In the meantime, you’d need to reselect the fields any time a new question is added, unfortunately. Sorry to not have a more automated workaround to suggest at this time. If we come across any workarounds we’ll be sure to share them here!