Can I setup PDF content amend/review and auto send email?

  • 6 August 2021
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I have a specific scenario and cant seem to figure out how to set this any support will be greatly appreciated.


I am looking to meet the following scenario:


1. User 1 uploads a static PDF file with has various sales related information
2. User 1 then adds 'number boxes' onto the PDF file which allows users to enter in number values into the boxes.
3. User 1 sends the PDF file to User 2
4. User 2 opens the PDF file and enters values into the 'number boxes'
5. User 2 sends the PDF file to User 3
6. User 3 opens the PDF file, makes amendments to the 'number boxes' if needed
7. User 3 sends the PDF file back to User 2
8. User 2 opens the PDF file, reviews the information and any amendments made by User 3
9. User 2 'approves' the PDF file and its numbers and sends it to the supplier by email


I know the above can be done by simply sending emails between the users with the files etc but we are doing that just now and getting lost on who has done what and what is required to do next on which file etc. We use Docusign to send quotes to customers and for them to digitally sign them if they accept it however we cant use the above through Docusign as we dont actually want any signatures on the specific documents for the above scenario.


Any help on how this can be done through Zapier or potentially a third party solution that does this would be great.



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Hey @cloak, welcome to the Community!

Are all edits made within DocuSign to a single PDF? Or do the different users email the amended PDFs which are then uploaded again? The DocuSign integration doesn’t have a trigger to see when an edit has been made so if another app is involved I’m wondering if you could use a trigger for that app instead to see the edits made and automatically send out an email.

That said, it may be worth looking at a “proofing” type of app we integrate with, like PageProof or Proofer for example, which may be better suited to handling this sort of workflow. Do you think that approach could work?