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Can I set up a path in a zap to check if an email already exists in Salesforce?

  • 22 September 2022
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I’m testing out a zap, the intent is to take the information from a Hubspot form and create necessary records as a result (Business>Contact>Deal). *Deal is a custom object in our org, we don’t use Opportunities.

What I am trying to figure out is if it is possible in the Zap to set up a path to check the submitted email on the Hubspot form against our Salesforce to see if it already exists.  We have set pretty strict duplicate rules and as a result, if the email already exists, I want to use that existing Contact/Business record to create the Deal in.  If it doesn’t exist then I want it to go ahead and create the business>contact>deal.


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Hi @msproles 

Good question.

 Try using this Zap action: Salesforce - Find/Create Record



Try using the Paths app in the Zap:

Edit:  Didn’t see the first part of your response before my initial response, the find record piece may be what I need with the path.


Thats what I was hoping to use, but while the Path function seems straightforward, I couldn’t really see if there was a way to compare data in a form submission with data in our Salesforce (the email in the Hubspot form submission against existing emails in Salesforce).

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Try these Zap steps, no Paths necessary, unless needed.
(General concept is outlined but your steps may need to be reordered)

  1. Trigger: HubSpot - New Form Submission
  2. Action: Salesforce - Find/Create Record
    1. Object: Business
  3. Action: Salesforce - Find/Create Record
    1. Object: Contact
    2. Make sure to select the checkbox at the bottom for: Create Salesforce Record if it doesn’t exist yet?
    3. This means a Contact record will always be returned
      1. Whether an existing Contact record was found OR a new Contact record was created
      2. The Zap will indicate if a match was found (true/false)
  4. Action: Salesforce - Find/Create Record
    1. Object: Deal


Thanks, I think I have it down now, just published it and will be checking to make sure it is working but I feel good about it.  Thanks for the help!