Can I send a text message to a group on skype with zapier?

  • 3 June 2020
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simple as that,

can I send a text message to a group on skype with zapier?

Thank you!

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Hi @Octorate 


There is no direct Skype integration that exists in Zapier to date, and with the news from Microsoft that Skype for Business is being discontinued from July 2021 it’s likely to not progress. Microsoft has focused heavily on their Teams product offering, of which you can most certainly create an automation workflow between those systems.

The workflow would require some additional steps but would look something like this:

  1. SMS Sent to a centralized number with a SMS hosting service like Twillio or Busrt SMS
  2. SMS details are then shared to a Teams channel as a message.

Some things to note are that you would either have to setup an SMS phone number unique to each channel or have a way to filter the texts you are sending by means of conditional formatting.


Hope this helps and feel free to message me if you need support.


Stuart Halley

Head of Marketing