Can I send a Slack alert when Chargebee subscription MRR changes (new or upgraded) without including every payment?

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Hi Community

I’m trying to get alerts on slack whenever an amount (MRR) of a subscription in chargebee changes. Meaning new MRR or an upgrade of a subscription, but not every payment.

I tried using the “subscription details updates” but seems like it’s more than just changes in the $.

How can I configure it just for new MRR as I mentioned on the first paragraph?


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Hi @Lashtar!

It sounds like the ChargeBee Subscription Details Updates trigger triggers when any details change, and you only want the Zap to trigger for MRR changes, is that right?

That’s a tricky problem because you need a way to tell the Zap ‘only continue if the MMR field is different from the last time you saw the MMR field’. So you’d need to set up a Zap that recorded all the MMRs for all subscriptions somewhere, and when the Subscription Details Updates trigger fires, it compares the previous value with the new value. Something a bit like that is described in this article:

I can see that you’ve also sent a message to the support team about this, and it would be good to continue the conversation with them as they’ll be able to take a closer look at your Zap with you. 


​I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any questions!

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Hi @Danvers , thanks!

How can I export the current subscription to the google sheet so I’ll have the subscriptions now and it could recognize it and not just create the new ones and as a result will send notification on every subscription change because it’s not currently in the sheet file (until it runs in the zaps.)?

Thanks again!

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Hi there @Lashtar,

I hope you're doing well! I noticed you've already contacted our Support team regarding this issue. I recommend keeping up the conversation with them so they can delve deeper into the Zap situation. 

Thanks! 😊