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Can I move or copy an action?

  • 24 April 2021
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Is there a way to move an action fro one location to another if I want to restructure my zap?  

For example, I want to add a path and move some of the actions into that path.  Setting up each action takes a bit of time and needs to be tested.  I have a few zaps I want to make this change for.

is there some sort of copy/paste operation that can be done with zaps?  Is there a way to edit zaps some other way such as getting their raw text representation?


p.s. I’m surprised not to find this question already I the forums.    It seems like it would be a common need.


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Hi @stevemc 

Moving/Copying an action in a Zap is not currently possible, but there have been hints that a revamped Zap Editor is upcoming that should allow for such capabilities.


Zaps can be cloned:


Paths can have limitations that you’ve realized.

One workaround is to decouple the Zap paths into separate Zaps and daisy-chain those together using Webhooks:


Also check out the newly release Sub-Zaps app:

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Thanks.  That clarifies.  Hoping for copy/paste in new editor but I guess I’ll have to proceed for now with the cumbersome task of re-creating actions.

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Adding my +1 to needing to be able to move actions around within a zap. Having to delete and recreate is time consuming and annoying, I’m very surprised that this isn’t already a feature. 

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Hi @AshleighDLC!

We definitely realize this is something our users want!

I couldn’t explain all of the details even if i wanted to (it’s way beyond my level of coding knowledge) but we’re basically making some pretty big changes to how our Zap editor is built, meaning the underlying infrastructure is undergoing a makeover. This is necessary before we can effectively build out the ability to re-order and duplicate steps. 

When that day arrives, we at Zapier will also be celebrating, as we’re big Zapier users (no surprise) and totally feel this pain point right along with you!