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Can I link Messages in Amazon Seller Central to Zapier?

  • 31 May 2020
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Hello, I’d like to use Zapier to connect Amazon Seller Central so that all messages received from our Amazon customers can be forwarded to our help desk software. 

Is it possible to link messages from Seller Central?



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Hi @atorun! If you’re referring to something like a New Buyer Message trigger, it doesn't look like this is currently part of their API and therefore not currently possible. For tracking purposes, I’m going to add you to an existing feature request we have for it so that if it does get added you’ll be notified via email.

It may be possible to parse notification emails and integrate that way. Do you currently receive notification emails when you receive messages from your Amazon customers?

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Sounds great, thanks! Yes, we receive emails from Amazon so we’ll set up a new email address for customer service, which we’ll forward to our Zoho Desk app. Thank you!

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…. For tracking purposes, I’m going to add you to an existing feature request we have for it ….


Can I also have the existing feature please? Or is there a way to take a look at ALL of the feature regarding the Amazon Seller Central app? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @z-m-a!


We can add you to the feature request - that means it’s something that we know folks want to see and we’re tracking interest in it. I’ve added you to that now, which means that we’ll send you an email when we have an update. You can see a list of the Triggers and Actions for the Amazon Seller Central integration on the app page: Amazon Seller Central Triggers and Actions

I very much want this. there are apps like that do this BUT they only send to customer service software like Zendesk. I want to send my messages to a sharepoint list for example. So if you can connect to Channel reply, that would actually cover this for me! 

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Hi @DavidCab 


I’ve added your vote for this feature request. Thanks!